Silicon Valley VC Peter Thiel Supports Donald Trump with $1.25 Million Donation

Peter Thiel is going all-in on Donald Trump. The elite Silicon Valley investor—who is among very few tech leader publicly supporting Trump—is donating $1.25 million to the presidential hopeful’s campaign.

According to a personal familiar with the matter, Thiel was not bothered by Trump’s recently revealed lewd remarks about women caught on tape. Instead the venture capitalist wants us to consider how effectively a potential president can fix a country, and he believes Trump is the best person for that task, according to The New York Times.

Speaking at the Republican National Convention, Thiel said that “Americans get paid less today than 10 years ago” yet “health care and college tuition cost more every year.” Trump, says Thiel, can fix the nation’s “broken economy.”

Sam Altman, head of Y Combinator, is already being pressured to cut ties with Thiel, a part-time partner. However, Thiel’s support of Trump is not a new revelation, and Altman says he will continue to work with Thiel despite different political viewpoints.

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