Skooli Wants to Disrupt Education with Personalized, Interactive Video Learning

Skooli is preparing to disrupt education with an online tutoring service.

The Vancouver-based startup combines video conferencing with screen-sharing and virtual whiteboards to give teachers a new way to teach and students a new way to learn.

Launched by Dave Frey, Skooli is a byproduct of Teach Away, an international recruitment agency he and his brothers brothers, Rene and Kevin, launched in 2003.

Skooli enables parents to select a tutor from a network of qualified instructors, tailored to a student’s specific needs and schedule.

It’s a ripe market: private tutoring is projected to surpass $100 billion globally by 2015, according to market research firm Global Industry Analysts.

While similar, free services exist, Skooli’s paid service promises a more personalized, sophisticated experience.