Slack Fund Announces Seven New Investments

In 2015, Slack launched a fund to boost startups building apps for its platform. The $80 million Slack Fund was co-launched with several venture capital firms, including Accel and Andreessen Horowitz.

Last year, Slack invested millions of those dollars into several startups. Today, that momentum continues.

This week Slack unveiled its latest seven investments, including Polly, which lets customers build enterprise surveys and polls in Slack, and Neva, which provides AI-driven automation for IT and customer support.

Other named investments include Drafted, a referral hiring platform, and Loom, a video collaboration platform that lets team members record and share quick videos throughout an organization.

“We built the Slack Fund to support our ecosystem, so that we can take a bet on founders who are taking a bet on us,” the company says. “Building on a platform is a two way street. “