Slack Raking in More and More Cash as Userbase Continues to Grow

Slack’s growth has slowed. But not by much. The company, credited as the fastest-growing startup ever, says it now boasts 2.5 million simultaneously connected users.

These users helped the Vancouver-born, Silicon Valley-based company reach $100,000,000 in annual recurring revenue recently. Not bad for a company that started in 2014. Slack also noted that six million apps have been installed on Slack teams.

“Continued momentum on the Slack platform is an important sign of the expanding role we play in the business software ecosystem,” the company says.

As of last month, Slack was valued at around $4 billion. The company, which has more than three million daily active users, operates a directory of several hundred third-party apps. CEO Stewart Butterfield is heavy on synergy. In addition to partnerships like this one with Salesforce, Slack has invested $2 million across 14 companies. Last year Slack started an $80 million fund, co-launched with venture capital firms including Accel and Andreessen Horowitz. Investments typically range from $100,000 to $250,000.

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