Slyce, PDN Debut Visual Search Application to Change How We Grocery Shop

Visual product search platform Slyce today announced the debut integration of its image recognition platform for grocery retailing within Purchase Decision Network’s leading grocery list creation app, Shopper.

The “Snap2Add” functionality enables 1.75 million users of Shopper to snap photos of grocery products around their home – including non-packaged items such as fruit and vegetables – and have them recognized and added to their mobile shopping lists where they can instantly ensure product availability and best pricing and access coupon offers.

Snap2Add claims to be the first-of-its-kind and will seek to eventually replace existing technologies such as complex barcode-scanning altogether.

Slyce will collect data on shopping preferences and product trends. Revenue to Slyce from the application is designed to be generated through targeted ad units, localized offers, affiliate product purchases, and big data analytics.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch this latest implementation of our visual search technology,” Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein said. “Within Shopper, Slyce and PDN have created an innovative and intuitive way for consumers to create mobile shopping lists while in their homes or out in the real world. It also presents significant opportunities for CPG companies and advertisers to reach shoppers at the exact moment of purchase intent.”

Sean Flynn CEO of PDN said “Snap2Add is really a new way to build mobile lists that is quicker and appeals to a more picture-oriented consumer. My daughter was able to build our weekly shopping list as you can see in the video. And she loved doing it!”

The white label Slyce visual search technology for grocery retail will be debuted at NRF’s Retail’s BIG Show in New York City later this month.