Smart Shoes: Insole Tracks Body Weight, Posture, Other Metrics in Real Time

Meledii ​is a technology startup in Toronto looking to smarten up shoes by introducing an “insightful insole” into the consumer market.

Meledii’s patent pending technology is hoping to make a positive and lasting impact on back pain sufferers through its ability to measure body weight, amount of extra load carried, and postural imbalance on the go.

In order to prevent back pain, people are advised to maintain balanced posture, exercise regularly, and avoid prolonged inactivity and carrying more than 20% of their body weight. Meledii’s insoles can track these metrics in real time.

The inserts can slide into most shoes and sync to multiple devices such as iPhones, Android devices, and laptops.

“There are many occupations that place workers at high risk for back injuries such as construction, nursing, manufacturing, retail, and even office workers. Although people may not be able to change their jobs, people can take steps to minimize their risks of injuries. Meledii is here to help people do just that,” says Meledii co­founder Bassma Ghali.

Meledii says they will be ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign next month.