SmartHalo Launches Smart Device for Urban Bikers

SmartHalo wants you to up your bike game in a big way.

The Montreal-based startup has announced that their SmartHalo handlebar attachment is now available for online order through their site, coming in at $149.

The battery-powered bike accessory turns any bike into a smarter transportation method and is developed with urban cyclists in mind. SmartHalo comes with a minimalist interface that navigates cyclists to their destination in the quickest and safest way possible. There is also a light that helps with night trips, and an alarm system to deter would-be thieves that every big city unfortunately houses.

SmartHalo looks to make urban mobility even easier and help fuel the growing bike-friendly trends many cities are adopting. This results in greener environments and fewer cars congesting the streets.

Bluetooth syncs mobile devices with the SmartHalo app, and the one-size-fits-all product means no bike is left behind. The bike accessory eliminates the need to pull out a phone mid-ride as all the information a biker may need is shown on the interface and conveyed through contextual sounds.

The company partnered with Janus Worldwide to bring localization to as many cities as possible, ensuring customers have access to SmartHalo in several different languages.

Along with navigation systems and a light that turns on and off depending on darkness levels, SmartHalo comes with fitness features as well. Users can track every ride they take without starting or stopping something on an app. There’s even a notification to let cyclists know when someone is calling.

SmartHalo began as a Kickstarter and did extremely well; creating, selling and shipping over 10,000 units to 70 countries around the world.