Raises $11 Million to Empower Competitive Gaming Communities has raised $11 million.

The Series A funding hails from Spark Capital with participation from other investors, including Horizon Ventures, Caffeinated Capital, and Lowercase Capital. raised a $3 million seed round last year, bringing its total funding to date up to $14 million.

The company offers a platform that helps gaming communities organize tournaments, a boon for esports players and fans that has proved lucrative. Smash started as a tool for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.—hence the name—but has since expanded into several other games across a variety of consoles.

“Our belief is that by empowering competitive communities to structure themselves around a common source of data, we can solve fragmentation at scale,” Shantanu Talapatra, founder of, wrote online. “Doing so will both improve the consumer experience as well as lower the barriers for those trying to making a career in esports.”

Talapatra says one goal of is to help “turn passions into careers” as professional gaming becomes an increasingly viable way to earn a living.

“We will accomplish this by enabling more connections, communications and transactions to let competitive communities thrive,” he noted.