Social Tech is Building Trust in Sales, LinkedIn Study Reveals

Technology has become embedded in every point in the sales journey, shifting the way sales teams operate. One thing that’s remained a cornerstone of success in sales is building good relationships—and social tech is helping do just that.

LinkedIn’s newest report The State of Sales Canada 2017 revealed that the use of social tech in sales is not only rising but that it is also building trust between salespeople and buyers.

“It’s through social that buyers can get a good sense of who the seller is, not view them strictly through the lens of the deal that’s on the table,” said LinkedIn. “Social platforms make it possible for sales professionals to build a professional brand which shows the full scope of who they are and their industry knowledge.”

The study found that 58 per cent of top salespeople say that using social tech has helped them close more deals, and 59 per cent expect to invest more time leveraging social tech strategies in the next year.

“Across the board, salespeople who actively use professional and social networks to build and nurture relationships are seeing a significant return on their investment,” said Richard Wiltshire, a sales manager at LinkedIn in a blog post.

LinkedIn reported that knowing a buyer’s social media activities gives salespeople the context to deliver a more tailored and customized pitch.

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While it is more common for millennials to capitalize on social media to make a deal, older generations are catching up. The report found 58 per cent of millennials regularly look up sales professionals on social media, compared to 49 per cent of generation X and 24 per cent of baby boomers.

What’s a common thread connecting all generations is the value they see in technology: 88 per cent say it is helping them shorten sales cycles, close bigger deals and grow their revenue.

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