SpaceX Slated to Launch First Rocket Since September Explosion

SpaceX is officially ready to return to business. The company suffered an exploding rocket in September, but is slated to launch a new one into orbit this month.

The company issued a statement this week, confirming technical details surrounding what went wrong in September and how a similar issue will not occur in the future.

“The accident investigation team worked systematically through an extensive fault tree analysis,” SpaceX said in its statement.

Now SpaceX is poised to carry a pack of satellites into space for Iridium Communications, which provides communications services.

In December the aerospace company filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to launch 4,425 satellites. This would dramatically increase the number of satellites orbiting Earth—according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, only 1,419 active satellites are currently orbit our planet.

SpaceX Wants to Triple the Amount of Satellites Orbiting Earth, Give World Fast Internet