OMsignal Launches Sports Bra and App That Optimizes Running for Women

OMsignal looks to reinvent the way women work out with the release of its flagship product, OMbra.

Fashioned “with the female spirit in mind”, OMbra is embedded with patent-pending sensor technologies—it captures the body’s deepest signals and streams the data to the user’s mobile device. OM goes beyond the basic heart rate of smartwatches, according to the Montreal company; OMsignal claims it is the first-ever sports bra to combine accurate heart and breathing rhythms to deliver actionable insights for runners of all levels.

“Our focus was to create a beautiful sports bra to enhance a woman’s body, respond to the unique strains of running, and accurately detect the body’s core signals,” said Joanna Berzowska, Head of Electronic Textiles at OM. “Boasting specially engineered fabrics and advanced sensory technology, OMbra truly is a product of science and engineering that simultaneously features innovative and inspired design.”

With OMbra comes OMrun, a personalized running app for women. OMrun determines each person’s intensity level for optimal progress and fat burning results.

“OMbra came to fruition through years of research, development and experimentation with female runners of all levels,” said Stephane Marceau, CEO of OM. “From the hundreds of women who tested the bra, we tried to enable a very simple and mindful approach to running that strikes a balance between the will to progress and achieve specific fitness goals, and the simple, healthy pleasures of running.”

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