Spotify Arrives On Xbox One

Open up Spotify and craft a playlist called “late-night binge gaming” because the hugely popular streaming service is now live on Xbox One consoles.

A dedicated Spotify app has long been a demand for Xbox One players, and with an official announcement today, you can now listen to your favorite tunes and curated playlists in-console while playing a game. The app may not be functional for all users yet, but will be completely good-to-go by the end of the day.

Features included in the console’s Spotify app will be familiar to long-time fans of the streaming service. You can browse genre and mood-based playlists (maybe some uptempo heist music for Grand Theft Auto V) and play your own selected songs and albums from your personal library.

Perhaps the best feature for gamers is that you can pair the Spotify console app to your phone and control music with your mobile device, eliminating the need to swap apps or screens in the middle of a game to change songs.

The announcement of a native Xbox One app comes amidst rumors of Spotify planning to go public sometime this year. The company is tops amongst other streaming services, boasting over 60 million paying users, and 80 million more using the free version of the app. Apple Music has 29 million paying users and Tidal has two million.