Spotify Releases Beta Version of Kids App in Canada

The beta app was developed with safety and privacy top of mind and features singalongs, soundtracks and stories designed for young listeners over the age of three.

Need to Know 

  • After first launching in Ireland last year Spotify’s child-friendly app, Spotify Kids makes its way to Canada with a beta rollout. 
  • The app, designed for kids over the age of three features 125 playlists, 8,000 tracks, Canadian-themed content, and a global “Wash Your Hands” playlist.
  • The Spotify Kids app is available exclusively for Spotify Premium Family subscribers at no additional charge. 
  • In addition to Canada, Spotify Kids beta is available in the US and France. 


After a successful rollout in Ireland last year, Spotify brings its family-friendly beta app Spotify Kids to Canada at a time when many children are home from school.

The beta app is exclusively available to Spotify Premium Family subscribers, positioning itself as an “ad-free experience where young listeners can explore singalongs, soundtracks, and stories either on their own or with family.”

Spotify has increased the content by 30% since its initial rollout, the kids’ platform now features more than 125 playlists and over 8,000 programmed tracks. Included in that list are Canadian-centric content and playlists along with music from other countries and cultures for children to discover. 

According to a survey conducted by Spotify, 98% of parents say they listen to music together as a family, and of those families, 69% use music to have fun together. “Spotify Premium Family, now with Spotify Kids, helps families listen both together and individually. Parents can reclaim their own Spotify libraries and all the personalization that they love, while their kids can develop a love for music and stories through an experience that’s designed just for them,” said Spotify’s Chief Premium Business Officer Alex Norström in the release.

With customization in mind, the streaming service is planning on rolling out features that will allow parents to block and add songs to their child’s experience. To help parents teach children the importance of handwashing and keeping in line with today’s global climate, Spotify has also created a playlist called “Wash Your Hands” with songs that teach children how to wash hands and cough/sneeze properly. 

Spotify has noted plans for additional brand partnerships and content as the platform rolls out further. New Premium subscribers are eligible for one month free of Premium Family.