Spring Loaded Technology Raises $1.9 Million in Venture Capital in Addition to Crowdfunding

Spring Loaded Technology is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for its lightweight and compact bionic knee brace, Levitation, on Indiegogo.

Levitation is now over 200% funded within two weeks. In addition, Spring Loaded Technology has secured $1.9 million in seed round funding from Build Ventures and a military contract with the Canadian Department of National Defence for $1 million.

Levitation stores kinetic energy in a new type of compact and powerful spring as the user bends their knee and returns that energy in a customizable way as they straighten their leg.

“Spring Loaded Technology has the potential to revolutionize the marketplace,” said Rob Barbara of Build Ventures. “The affordable technology they’ve developed will make bionics more accessible. We’re excited to see this company continue to develop its offerings and impact the industry.”

“We wanted to create a powerful spring loaded knee brace that was affordable and could benefit everyone,” said award winning scientist and CEO, Chris Cowper-Smith. “Through years of research, we developed a new type of liquid spring that allowed us to keep our brace light, powerful, and compact, but also remain affordable.”

Individuals plagued with knee injuries or a movement disability can use Levitation to improve mobility and reduce pain. Athletes can benefit from heightened endurance, increased performance, and injury prevention. And for workers accustomed to repetitive movements, such as bending, crouching, or heavy lifting, Levitation provides an extra burst of energy combined with increased joint stability and shock absorption.