Sprouter is back from the dead… stay tuned

Toronto’s Sprouter is back.

How did I find out? @zombiesprouter started following me on Twitter.

So I headed over to Sprouter to find this update dated today from CEO Sarah Prevetter and her team.

The lawyers have given us permission to tell you that there’s something going on and that we’ll be able to tell you about it soon… apparently, we just can’t tell you about it now.

So take this as our announcement about our impending announcement. An announcement that will hopefully have a bit more detail and shed a bit more light on current circumstances.

Sure, it’s a bit awkward and mysterious. But awkward and mysterious beats silent and secretive, right?

So is the Zombie Sprouter account a genius PR stunt to drive traffic back to the site?

Doesn’t look like it. The very new Twitter account is home to two tweets. One that directs readers to Sprouter’s announcement this morning and a second that takes you to Trevor Stafford’s Sprouter post-mortem which is worth a read.

The term Zombie is used to describe an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means such as witchcraft.

In Sprouter’s case, witchcraft is likely a fresh round of angel funding. Stay tuned.