Sprouter launches Twitter integration

Toronto, as you all know, is a hot bed for start-ups.  And there is one that many people have been quietly concerned about. 


Sprouter is an online collaboration tool that connects entrepreneurs with each other as well as with other professionals.  The goal is to offer a space where people who need help can get it.  Not only is this space online, but Sprouter also hosts local events called Sprout Ups where people are able to connect and collaborate face to face.  I asked Mitch Joel at a Third Tuesday Toronto Meet Up last night and even he believes that the future of social media is in the face-to-face meetings that develop out of online networking.

For many observers, Sprouter has seemed like another version of Twitter.  sprouter

Well, today’s announcement that Sprouter has added Twitter integration may go a long way to confirming this belief.  Or it may go a long way to helping Sprouter carve out a niche of it’s own.

“Twitter has a huge audience, and we recognize that many Sprouter users also use the service,” Sprouter Founder/CEO Sarah Prevette says. “Now it’s easy for members to keep both accounts up-to-date while still leveraging the niche power of Sprouter – Twitter integration will only add to the number of conversations taking place and resources being shared.”

Furthermore, Sprouter is also making it easier for users to connect with their friends and associates from other networks.  Sprouter members can now use a search tool on the site to connect with their friends from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as Gmail. 

According to the Community Manager, Erin Bury, “Sprouter facilitates networking and collaboration between entrepreneurs globally. Providing a platform for users to connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs can expand their networks as well as discover and join events in their local areas, start discussions and follow topics of relevance to their business.”

We, at Techvibes, love a good success story, and we hope that this new development for Sprouter enables it to grow and establish themselves as a lasting success story in Toronto’s tech and social media landscape.