SREDscore Helps SR&ED Claimants File Faster

Canadian businesses applying for investment tax credits through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program will now have an easier time thanks to SREDscore.

SREDscore is a new, free online tool that simplifies the project description parts of the SR&ED application process, saving companies time and money.

“In my years working with many companies as a professional SR&ED consultant, I saw my clients face the same issues and make the same mistakes time and time again when preparing their claims,” said Ryan Pernia, founder of SREDscore.

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“I invested in this tool to help the engineers, CFO’s and accountants preparing their own claims do it more efficiently and accurately. This is something the industry has never seen before – we are changing the way claims are done.”

SREDscore allows companies to have more time to focus on their core business goals: developing innovative products and driving revenue. Its easy to use interface advises claimants on how to best prepare claims by identifying and advising on potential issues before submission to the Canada Revenue Agency.

SREDscore will provide fully automated and high value advice on the project description portion of a SR&ED claim through its comprehensive 179-point check – providing instant advice on how the descriptions can be improved. Support for additional SR&ED claim sections will follow in the future.

Easy to use for both first time and experienced investment tax credit filers, SREDscore offers the same level of security as your online bank. Once claim details have been entered into the program and the 179-point check is complete, projects and all confidential information is completely wiped clean from the system and no R&D information is ever stored.

SREDscore is applicable for virtually all industries from software, manufacturing, agriculture, biotech, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and many other eligible areas.

SREDscore was founded by Ryan Pernia who previously worked as a Senior Manager of SR&ED at PwC in Vancouver.