Startup Bookneto shakes up University of Waterloo, releases 2,000 old exams into the cloud

VeloCity-powered tech startup Bookneto is shaking up the University of Waterloo by releasing nearly 2,000 old exams online.

Dating back as far as 1998, these old university final exams are now available as part of a collaboratice learning platform.

Co-founder Iyinoluwa Aboyeji said “certain groups of students with the right connections and networks would always have access to past exams, while others without the same connections would be left hanging dry,” and affirmed that this “had an impact on student performance.” Bookneto, he says, promotes “open access for everyone.”

Bookneto didn’t just slap the exams online willy-nilly, though. Forget Word docs or image files or even regular ol’ PDFs. These exams are hosted in a special cloud-based online reader where students can collaborate on answering questions.

Co-founder Pierre Arys has observed that “there’s a huge movement to bring education online and make it accessible to everyone, yet there is very little innovation.” Pierre puts it bluntly: “Someone needs to do it.” And right now, it’s Bookneto.

Established in 2010 by former U of W students, Bookneto’s vision is to build technology that inspires individuals, schools and institutions everywhere to provide the highest quality education to the most people for the lowest price.