Startup Drinks mixes startups with drinks (no tumbler required)

Canada’s own Startup Drinks isn’t a trendy drink manufacturer targeting the business crowd – but it’s just as delectable.

Startup Drinks is a monthly “freestyle” networking event. It’s hosted in pubs and bars by “startup community instigators” coast to coast. The simple website and casual vibe it gives off is understatedly professional, and the basic design works well with the website’s intended functionality.

But now you’re probably thinking, “I’ve heard of those before. They’re traps for presentations and sponsors.” Not so with Startup Drinks: their events are presentation- and sponsor-free, because, in their own words, “the point is to make connections over drinks and relax a little.” They also promote “synchronized drinking,” so if you’re out of town, then odds are you could still attend the event in another city. They have a LinkedIn group and a Twitter profile, too.

The next round of Startup Drinks get underway in Ottawa on May 25th, followed by Regina, Montreal, Toronto, St. John, Moncton, Calgary, Halifax, and Fredricton on May 26th.

Waterloo Startup Drinks takes place on June 1st in Waterloo and Saskatoon comes late to the party on June 29th.

If you’re part of a startup looking for a fun and easy way to connect with other members of the business world, why not see what Drinks has to offer? In fact, what are you still reading this for? Get your Startup Drink on!