New Startup Incubator Opens in Toronto, to be Headed by Former MaRS Manager

Cossette Lab, a national Cossette initiative designed “to help incubate the growth of tech-related startups,” has opened in Toronto.

Cossette Lab launched in Cossette’s Montreal office in 2012. So far, eight startups have participated in the initiative.

Toronto’s Cossette Lab will operate similarly to the Montreal Lab, with a hosting period of anywhere from six to 12 months.

The startups that Cossette selects need to have reached “a sufficient maturity level in the development of their technology and business model.”

“There are many young entrepreneurs with exciting ideas who just need that little bit of help to take their ideas from concept to reality,” says Dave Lafond, President of Cossette English Canada. “We’re here to help provide that bridge, either in the form of advice or in providing a physical location where people can come to share their ideas or tap into our expertise and tech services.”

The Toronto Lab will be run by Joe Dee, Cossette VP Product and Technology Strategy.

“This is an opportunity for us to broadly serve the tech community by helping bring new ideas to the marketplace. It is also a service to our clients and our own staff at Cossette since it exposes our people to the innovative thinking and experimentation that is happening all around us,” says Dee.

Dee was also manager of online development at MaRS Discovery District , an innovation hub in Toronto, working on the MaRS digital strategy and has been active in the startup community through advisory services, various events, and conferences hosted at the MaRS centre.