Startup Train Returns, Connecting Toronto’s Finest to Startupfest

For the sixth year in a row, a train full of networking opportunities will shuttle attendees from Toronto to Montreal for Startupfest.

“Do you feel overwhelmed or alone in your startup? Are you looking for investment, developers or a partner? Have a million questions about how to make your startup successful?” organizers ask. “This is a job for Startup Train.”

The train ships startups, investors, and the startup curious each year to Montreal’s famous event, which is slated to have more than 4,000 attendees. The Startup Train experience includes one-way train travel and Startupfest registration; a discount code for a return trip with Porter or VIA is also provided. Drinks and food are supplied so all passengers have to sweat is building meaningful connections.

“You will meet new friends, perhaps find a new partner or investor, partake in world-class mentoring,” organizers say. “There is simply no better or economical way to do the festival.”

Speakers this year include Roni Bonjack, who runs accelerator programs for Google; David Brown, a cofounder of Techstars; and Andrew Reid, CEO of VC Labs. Startupfest once again features its iconic Tent Village, one of the coolest components of the conference.