Stradigi is Bringing Applied AI to Entertainment with Zú

AI is making its way into every industry, whether it’s finance, healthcare or retail—and entertainment is no exception.

Stradigi AI has announced a new partnership with Zú to offer their applied AI programs to entrepreneurs within the entertainment industry. As both Stradigi Ai and Zú are based in Montreal, the two will be able to work closely together and roll out solutions deeply rooted in AI to build out the non-profit Zú and its mission to promote some of Quebec’s most creative minds by giving them resources to develop and protect IP.

“We are proud to help Zú build a dynamic and creative community that will help drive innovation and attract the best local and international talent in the field of AI. This partnership is exciting to us as it resonates with our firm’s DNA,” said Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO and co-founder of Stradigi AI. “Giving back to our community and supporting talented creators, who are embracing new trends and working to shape the Montreal of tomorrow, is rooted deeply in our values, and so it aligns with Stradigi AI’s and Zú’s philosophy, making this a brilliant partnership.”

Launching in 2019, Zú will be an organization dedicated to bringing together talented entertainers familiar with content creation and tech. Stradigi AI will provide resources and specialized training to new AI grads, who will then work with Zú’s community as well as other startups to drive success.

“We are excited to welcome Stradigi AI as our exclusive corporate partner for the establishment of the applied AI solutions program” stated Nadine Gelly, GM of Zú. “By bringing their cutting-edge AI technology expertise to our community and mentoring future creators, they will play a critical role in a movement that will propel us towards the future and drive positive change in the city of Montreal and around the globe.”

Stradigi AI’s applied solutions will be integrated throughout Zú’s future location, giving members an edge when it comes to developing and scaling creative projects. The AI firm has been making a name for itself within Canada’s vast AI scene, recently partnering with the Vector Institute in addition to tapping astrophysicist Carolina Bessega to run their AI lab. Stradigi AI works with international clients to implement machine learning solutions in healthcare, retail and more.