Next 36 Graduate Strokelink Links Stroke Survivors to Full-time Care

Strokelink is redefining the path to recovery for stroke survivors.

Strokelink is an iPad app that enables stroke survivors the means to continue therapy between hospital care and therapy visits. Available as both an enterprise solution and consumer tool, the app provides users with access to photos, videos, and descriptions of key exercises to expedite recovery and repair from debilitating health conditions they are facing as a result of a stroke.

The enterprise version is a full-service solution and has been adopted by Hamilton General Hospital and a The Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured in Calgary. Strokelink provides enterprise users with iPads and accounts for both healthcare professionals and patients. Once logged in, doctors develop personalized recovery programs within the application which can be accessed 24/7 by patients. The app allows them to monitor the time their patient has spent doing exercises between visits providing them with a more comprehensive view of their patients recovery progression.

In March, Strokelink is adding an additional feature called Strokelink Capture. Using the iPad camera and microphone it allows therapists to record the therapy plan they are providing for their patients.

The consumer version of Strokelink is available on iTunes as both a free and premium app for $49. The free version of the application includes seven standard programs to facilitate at-home recovery. The programs were curated based on the recommendation of Strokelink’s scientific advisory board comprised of a number of health professionals and a stroke survivor. The premium version of the tool unlocks features such as usage tracking and the upcoming Strokelink Capture feature.

Strokelink was developed out of the Next36 program, an eight-month long program where 36 entrepreneurial undergraduate students build a business in the mobile or web space. Strokelink secured $80,000 of seed capital from the Next36 and have since raised an additional $66,000 from investors including Coral CEA.

Cofounders Anne-Marie Paquette and Morgan Moe envision Strokelink as being the tool that bridges the gaps in the care continuum as the standard technology-based process for stroke rehabilitation. They also see Strokelink widening its scope and becoming the platform to facilitate care delivery for other neurological conditions.