Study reveals that executives are lagging behind social media trends, find staying up-to-date a challenge

social mediaA Canadian survey, developed by The Creative Group, which is a specialized staffing servicing creative, advertising, marketing and web professionals on a project basis,, and conducted by an independent research firm, has revealed that executives are struggling to keep up the pace of social technology.

According to the survey, which is based on more than 250 telephone interviews with advertising and marketing executives randomly selected from companies with a wide of range of employee counts, 71 percent of executives say it’s at least “somewhat challenging” to keep up with social media trends.

18 percent found remaining current was “very challenging,” and only 29 percent did not find it challenging. 

In order to keep up (or at least try to keep up) with trends, 22 percent said the best resource was participating in networking events and association meetings. The second-best resource was attending conferences and seminars, cited by one in five of respondents. Somewhat ironically, social media itself, plus blogs, were the most unpopular choices to keeping up with social media trends.

Dur, maybe that’s why it’s such a challenge for you folks.