Canadian Startup Suprpod, a Behance for Marketers, Enters Private Beta

Developers have GitHub. Designers have Dribble and Behance. Now Marketers are set to have their own online portfolio and collaboration site with the launch of an Ottawa-based startup, Suprpod.

Suprpod aims to be the exclusive place for marketers to go to showcase their work, share their experience and be inspired. The bootstrapped startup just launched their site in private beta this week, building their community by invite only. They are already off to a great start with over 750 interested marketers vying to be the first to use Suprpod to show-off their work.

Cofounders Jennifer Butson and Jamie Calder felt that it was about time that marketers had their own online portfolio network having watched this trend disrupt the technical and creative freelance communities. “We are coming into a shift in the industry where more people are willing to share their ideas so I think that this is a good time for Suprpod,” Butson told Techvibes.

Suprpod works in much the same way other online portfolio networks function with member profiles, portfolio pages and the ability to follow and “like” projects. But the biggest draw of this community for marketers won’t be the creative show-and-tell as much as it will be how well it performed.

“Marketing sits somewhere between art and science. We wanted to create a something for marketers where they could upload their work to display it in a way that marries the content with metrics,” explained Butson.

Metrics are a key differentiator for Suprpod and are prominently highlighted in each case study with areas designated for social and web analytics for the campaign.

Right now the information provided by marketers is static lending well to the portfolio aspect of Suprpod. This makes the case studies in the community a fantastic source for inspiration, best practices and a great way for marketers to gain credibility in the industry.

But it will be when roadmap features, like commenting and integration of real-time analytics, are launched that Suprpod unleashes its full potential as a collaborative tool for marketers where they could rely on the community to help better the performance of active marketing projects.  

Of course, getting to a place where marketers are working together rather than competing with one another will require a level of openness not traditionally seen in the industry. But Butson says the benefits far outweigh the risks and believes that collaboration will only take good ideas to great ones and help marketers, especially new ones, gain valuable experience to make them better at what they do.