Suretap Integrates Loyalty Cards into Digital Wallet Through Points Partnership

Suretap has announced a partnership with Points, a loyalty currency management company.

This makes Suretap, a digital wallet technology company, the first such wallet to truly integrate loyalty cards in the Canadian market.

“The suretap mobile wallet is all about making it easier, safer and more rewarding for Canadians to transact in every step of the consumer journey, including getting more out of their relationships with local brands and retailers,” said Jeppe Dorff, President of Suretap.

Suretap now introduces a loyalty section to its wallet app, powered by the Points loyalty network, where users can store loyalty information from more than 100 global loyalty rewards programs, making it easier to earn and use loyalty rewards.

“By leveraging Points’ loyalty platform in our wallet technology, we’re improving the payment experience for millions of Canadians and providing banks and merchants a more robust way to engage with their customers,” Dorff noted.

Launched four months ago with support from Canada’s major wireless carriers, the suretap wallet allows Android and Blackberry smartphone users to make mobile payment transactions at any retailer that accepts contactless payments, including credit, gift and pre-paid cards.

“By providing suretap wallet users with access to loyalty rewards management and transaction capability in one place, we’re excited to open the door to a better consumer experience in the wallet, and for loyalty programs to both better engage their customers and drive attractive incremental economics via this new channel,” said Rob MacLean, CEO of Points.