SurveyMonkey Unveils People-Powered Platform to Deliver Actionable Data

SurveyMonkey launched a new “People-Powered Data platform” this week that it says enables businesses to turn voices and opinions into actionable data.

The company also announced a suite of products that deliver customer-, employee-, and market- powered data: SurveyMonkey CX, SurveyMonkey Engage, and SurveyMonkey Audience respectively.

“Successful businesses are driven by curious leaders who are listening to the market and meeting the needs of their customers and employees,” explains Zander Lurie, SurveyMonkey’s CEO. “Our new People Powered Data platform unlocks the ‘why’ so companies can be responsive and take action.”

SurveyMonkey CX takes the Net Promoter Score to a next level; it helps translate insights to an entire organization, empowering teams to close the loop with customers. SurveyMonkey Engage is a solution for businesses to understand and act on what employees need to be their best. It establishes a framework to encourage anonymous feedback, allowing managers to partner with employees to create organizational change. And SurveyMonkey Audience is redesigned and built directly into SurveyMonkey, making it easier to get real-time feedback from millions of people around the world. The company says it “democratizes market research.”

“The companies that are curious about what their customers, employees, and the market are saying are the ones that will evolve and thrive,” said Lurie. “SurveyMonkey gives our customers a competitive edge by powering conversations at scale with precisely the people who matter most.”

SurveyMonkey is also reimagining surveys through artificial intelligence with the creation of Genius, a personal survey expert at your side that estimates how a survey will perform and gives survey creators actionable recommendations to make them faster and easier to complete.

The company has been increasing its presence in Canada with the growth of its Ottawa office, which now stands at 100 employees.