Toronto’s Swift Medical Expands Wound Care Technology in the U.S.

Swift Medical has become a world leader in wound care management technology and now the Toronto-based company is expanding its reach south of the border.

The medtech company recently rolled out its Swift AutoDepth technology, an application that can assess a wound’s depth and severity through a smartphone camera. AutoDepth along with Swift Medical’s full range of visualization and wound analysis features are now being leveraged by Healogics, the largest provider of advanced chronic wound care services in the U.S.

The American company announced today it is using Swift Medical’s non-invasive technology to power the company’s new Photo Measurement digital imaging application.

“As the population ages and the number of patients with chronic disease increases, the prevalence of chronic wounds is increasing in tandem,” said Joe Smith, Healogics’ technology innovation leader, in a release.

Healogics wound care providers cared for more than 300,000 patients last year and healed more than two million wounds, Smith said.

“With Swift Medical, we found a like-minded technology partner to support our current and future efforts to provide accurate wound measurement, robust documentation and ultimately, better patient outcomes,” he added.

Healogics is innovating how they treat wounds, doing away with the traditional and often inconsistent ruler-based methods to measure wound length, width and surface.

Powered by Swift Medical technology, Healogics Photo Measurement means physicians can record accurate wound size and collect vital data on chronic wounds. The application will be used at Healogics nation-wide network of 700 centers.

“Healthcare is ripe for advanced technology that transforms the capture and analysis of wound care information and augments the abilities of doctors, nurses and administrators to treat wounds and manage wound care more effectively,” said Swift Medical CEO Carlo Perez.

Mississauga’s PointClickCare is also harnessing AutoDepth for its Skin and Wound solution and was the first company to integrate the new technology.