SwiftLaunch Helps Enterprises Adopt New Technology at Startup Speed

Technology is dramatically impacting the speed of business change. Yet there’s still a gaping difference between “enterprise speed” and “startup speed.” The typical enterprise CIO must feel like their hands are on the wheel of a Yugo, all the while wishing they were really like the startup guys ripping up the track at F1 speeds.

Vancouver startup SwiftLaunch is putting some much needed horsepower under the enterprise hood. They are driving large scale transformation, while also are creating benefits from the explosion of the consumerization of technology like BYOD projects.

SwiftLaunch simplifies how organizations adopt, engage end users, monitor project status and maximize value from such new technologies, such as non-Blackberry smartphones, tablets, SaaS applications, new cloud platforms, and of course more traditional CRM systems, ERP applications, communications systems from the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and Oracle.

The Canadian startup’s two co-founders – James Pinto, CEO, and Michael Solovyov, CTO – were recently selected as Cisco’s Millenial Fellows. Being invited by Cisco’s Executive Creative Director to speak in front of top Cisco’s largest customers and IT executives in July about technology adoption insights has proven to be a significant opportunity.

James Brogan of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC knows “a critical aspect of introducing new technologies into an organization is how smoothly these technologies are accepted and adopted. Technology drives businesses, and how effortlessly new technologies are integrated into the business will determine the competitiveness of an organization.” Since that event, not surprisingly the demand to use the SwiftLaunch platform has seen an impressive uptick across North America’s largest enterprises.

Imagine being able to see, across 10 concurrent technology projects, exactly how users are reacting and exactly what needed to be done, without having to send emails, scour feeds, hold meetings, or create and review surveys.

“Technology leaders or project and business managers just hand over the new device or application to the users and SwiftLaunch’s automated engagement platform takes care of everything else. Within moments, project managers have visibility into the challenges different user groups are facing, the perceived value to the users, and the best uses of the technology within the organization. This is the way technology needs to be adopted in the future,” explains Shane Luke, Director of Product Management at Nike, and early adopter of innovative technology.

“Computing technology has quickly moved from sideline to frontline in enterprise settings, and IT departments need great products to help keep pace,” he adds. “SwiftLaunch represents a new breed of IT software that is specifically designed to bridge that gap, and to do so in an elegant, user-centric way.”

SwiftLaunch getting attention in all of the right places by winning real customers, receiving real purchase orders, from large organizations looking to reduce costs and increase innovation. “The platform enables faster project delivery, minimal resource outlay and drives higher levels of user engagement and end-user satisfaction,” said Shawn Ershad,  a senior manager at Bell Canada, who has been using the platform for several months now.  

Pinto came up with SwiftLaunch after observing the challenges experienced by the CIO of the Year and other technology leaders posed by large scale business transformation initiatives and consumerization challenges. “Users really want, more than anything, to do their jobs better, to help their customers more, and find enjoyment and meaning in their jobs,” he says. “Nothing interferes with this more than poor technology, inefficient processes and a lack of customer care.”

The future is bright for the talented, young team: “I can see this being an essential part of business transformation projects in the future,” affirmed Ben Guanzon, Executive Technology Director of Coast Hotels.