Synaptop launches a video messaging and chat service that rivals Facebook and Google+

Last week, Toronto startup Synaptop, a cloud-based virtual online operating system, announced the launch of their new free videoSynaptop vMsg screenshot mail or vMsg(TM) service. 

Synaptop’s vMsg(TM) is an extension of the communication features offered by Synaptop’s Synaphone – which lets users video chat with multiple contacts from any internet browser.

According to Sami Siddique, President and CEO at Synaptop, the company does not consider itself to be “a social networking-only site or Facebook competitor.” However, he says that “Synaptop does have a few features that go beyond what both Facebook and Google+ have to offer.”

  • You can simultaneously video chat with an unlimited number of people via Synaptop. The only limitation is your bandwidth. Facebook lets you video chat with one other friend, and Google+ lets you chat with up to 10 people. There’s nothing to download or install to video chat on Synaptop – just click and send.
  • You can leave a vMsg for someone when they do not answer your Synaptop Synaphone call. Also, if you don’t have time to talk, you can immediately leave a message using Synaptop’s vMsg app.
  • Using Synaptop, you can vMsg anyone on any social network such as Facebook and LinkedIn, or anyone with an email address.
  • Synaptop’s “groups” feature (similar to Google+ circles) lets you not only communicate selectively with groups but it also lets you share files with groups and engage in apps with groups of your choice. 

The vMsg(TM) feature recently released by Synaptop will make life easier by eliminating the need for typing, composition, and proof reading. It also allows you to reduce any errors and misinterpretations that are often associated with e-mails.

The other great thing about Synaptop is that it’s multithreaded. Users can be engaged in multiple apps simultaneously, which provides a very immersive experience. You can co-browse the internet with friends, watch movies together, co-DJ or listen to music together, co-edit documents, sketch on the same canvas with friends, give presentations online, and use other apps, all while video chatting with your contacts. Synaptop also allows you to store files and run apps in the cloud, and follow or be followed by friends in any app.