Synaptop launches theatre app to let you watch movies with friends online in real-time

Today, Toronto-based startup Synaptop announced the release of Synaptop Theatre, a new application that lets groups of friends watch videos together online in real-time. 

“We wanted to bring the experience of watching movies with friends in a theatre to the web”, Sami Siddique, President and CEO, Synaptop speaks of Synaptop’s Theatre. “I like to watch videos with friends even if they are not physically present with me. The experience of being able to laugh together as you watch a video on Synaptop is priceless and something definitely worth trying.”

Synaptop, which launched earlier this month, is a virtual online computer that runs on the cloud. You can store files and run apps, and you can follow or be followed by friends in any application like Facebook and Twitter. It can be accessed from any internet browser on any device for free.

Synaptop Theatre is a free app on Synappstore. You can change channels, pause, rewind, or even fast-forward video as you play them and your followers see the same thing as you do. It’s easy to use Synaptop Theatre to watch videos from your computer-connected living room TV.

You can also organize the videos you watch on the internet with Synaptop Theatre and the app comes with a very intuitive interface. You can even save your favourite videos, to watch them again later. Synaptop Theatre allows you to engage in a video or text chat with friends while watching movies together, or collaborate in other applications, all at the same time.

It’s easy to get friends to follow you on a movie on Synaptop. It just takes a single click.

Synaptop does not require you to download software and it gives you full control over content and privacy. In addition, you can share different resources with different people at the same time and still continue to work on other apps while using your virtual computer.

The combination of Synaptop’s Theatre and SynapShow offers businesses and marketing professionals an innovative new platform to engage with customers via a unified communication platform.