T-Mobile Boosts Customer Acquisition by 400% with Personalization

The new techniques include sending videos with the customer's first name in text and mentioned via voiceover.

Need to Know

  • T-Mobile has reported a 400% increase in customer acquisitions with the use of personalized videos in email communications.
  • T-Mobile added 754,000 net postpaid customers this past Q3, 310,000 more than Verizon and 653,000 more than AT&T over the same period.
  • 90% of brands feel that personalization is critical to success.


T-Mobile‘s use of AI to personalize videos in email communications has resulted in an increase in customer acquisitions by 400%. 

As companies look for new ways to reach audiences, they need to also seem more approachable. Marketing personalization involves delivering individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology.

This area has evolved greatly over time thanks to the use of AI and machine learning, meaning customers may now receive a marketing email addressed to their first name and catered to their personal interests and tastes. Statistics show that the use of personalized messages result in increases of 14% for click-through rates, and 63% of customers now expect personalization from brands they engage with. 

To execute its personalization efforts, the telecom used AI to embed personalized videos aligned with existing marketing communications. T-Mobile’s results from the AI-powered videos—an increase of 400% in new customers—indicate just how effective personalization be in boosting conversions and creating more relevant digital videos. 

Marketing cloud platform Acoustic recently released a report detailing nine top marketing trends for 2019. Among the list? Personalization. 

The report indicated that over 90% of companies feel personalization is critical to current and future success, but nearly 50% feel hindered by IT roadblocks and a lack of key technology. 

Even McDonald’s is leaning into personalization, announcing earlier this year that they have acquired personalization company, Dynamic Yield. The fast-food giant intends to use this technology “to create a drive-thru menu that can be tailored to things like the weather, current restaurant traffic and trending menu items.” 

T-Mobile is currently awaiting approval for its planned merger with Sprint.