Canadian Startup Tab Launches Elegant Mobile Payments Solution It Dubs the ‘Uber of Dining’

A Canadian startup is bringing Uber-style payments to restaurants.

Founded by Adam Epstein, formerly of Huddlers, and Fahd Ananta, who hails from Chime (acquired by Hubspot), the mobile payments app is currently piloting in various Toronto restaurants, including The Chase, Blowfish, and Playa Cabana. The app aims to eliminate the need for plastic cards and wireless terminals while dining out.

“We are disrupting the traditional mechanism of payingand splitting restaurant bills with an elegant mobile solution,” says Epstein.



The company, whose team currently sits at six strong, says that restaurants have adopted Tab “because it provides lower processing fees, quicker table turnover, and an improved dining experience.” There’s also a layer of personalization added: diners have the ability to see the name and face of their server, while servers are able to personalize their service by knowing the name and face of all paying customers.

Currently the app is only available for iOS.