Tagga Launches Engagement Marketing Platform to Drive Brand Messages Through Noise

Tagga this week unveiled the Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform.

Dubbed “TEMP,” it is a consumer marketing cross-channel campaign management platform that enables marketers to drive brand messages through the noise to connect with customers across all online and offline channels on their terms in real-time.

Inclusive in the launch are three core modules: Community Dashboard, Tagga Tout Score, and Responsive Campaign Pages. Each core module “plays a central role in empowering marketers to build and launch cross-channel marketing campaigns that target individual consumers,” says Tagga.

“We believe TEMP is the key to enabling Business to Individual marketing (“B2I”), the evolution of B2C marketing,” said Jean-Guy Faubert, CEO of Tagga. “With TEMP, marketers can harness the right data and approach to market to individuals by leveraging their preferences and influence to increase engagement.”

The Tagga Brand Community Dashboard allows brands to access insights into the health of their community. The dashboard allows you to track how a marketing campaign engaged individuals online and offline over time as well as pinpoint an individual’s brand engagement across all participating channels, according to Tagga.

The Tagga Tout Score is a proprietary ranking system that enables brands to rank individuals in their community based on their engagement activity (brand engagement and transactional behaviour), and their brand influence.

Responsive campaign landing pages allow marketers to easily create microsites for their cross-channel campaigns using a widget- based system that supports over 30 types of consumer marketing campaigns (such as voting, polling, contests).