Taking big step in online copyright leadership, Wired places all staff photos into Creative Commons

Wired has taken a big step in online copyright leadership by announcing their intention of placing all their staff taken photo’s into Creative Commons. 

Creative Commons is an initiative where copyright owners opt to share their work as a part of a larger collective. there are often conditions placed on the use of the content but more often than not that is limited to appropriate credit being delivered and link-backs. 

The collection of photo’s Wired is choosing to add to the common library is exceptional, with HD photo’s of most every major technology event and figure over the past decade.  Wires will share the photos on a dedicated Flickr stream.

In their press release Wired indicated the following restrictions on their content.

“Placing our photos under CC BY-NC license means that designated images are free for all to republish, with minor restrictions, as follows:

• Photos must be properly attributed to the photographer and Wired.com, and, if used online, we ask for a link back to the original story where the photo first appeared.

• We welcome editorial use by bloggers or any other publisher, but we are not authorizing commercial use, like using one of our photos in an advertisement.

• Remixes and mashups are allowed.”

Wired joins a growing movement supporting more open sharing of content, Creative Commons is 10 years old an growing in support.