Tangerine Becomes First Canadian Bank to Offer Clients E-Signing on Mobile Devices

E-SignLive by Silanis today announced that its innovative Mobile Signature Capture functionality will be implemented at Tangerine.

There has been a surge in demand for mobile banking experiences, and in particular remote mobile signing, according to Silanis. Its product, Mobile Signature Capture, transforms any web-enabled touchscreen mobile device into a signature pad for capturing digitized handwritten signatures in account opening documents and enforceable contracts without a need to download an app or software plug-in.

The e-SignLive process is now available to Tangerine clients who want to transfer their TFSA, RSP, or RIF from another financial institution.

“Disruptive innovations like the e-SignLive Mobile Signature Capture are a big part of where technology and banking are going,” says e-SignLive CEO and co-founder Tommy Petrogiannis.



“Customers are looking to their banks to provide simple and useful mobile banking experiences, ” says Charaka Kithulegoda, Chief Information Officer at Tangerine. “This is another example of how Tangerine makes the mobile banking experience better with remote e-signing capability that is secure, compliant and seamless.”

Tangerine has more than 1.9 million clients and close to $38 billion in total assets.