Tantalus Labs, the ‘Tesla of Cannabis,’ Building Modern Marijuana Greenhouses

As cannabis regulations shift across North America, a few commercial cannabis producers are building facilities that balance technological advancements with environmental stewardship.

Medical cannabis has traditionally been cultivated under a veil, in bunkers and basements. To provide the light necessary for photosynthesis and plant growth in this scenario, artificial lights are used.

But now, with the introduction of federal cultivation licenses in Canada, companies can now optimize for both the plant and the environment. Bunker grows are being replaced by structures that allow for strict environmental control while allowing the penetration of natural sunlight ­ into modern, high-­tech greenhouses.

One company on the forefront of the cultivation shift, Tantalus Labs, is nearing completion of their landmark facility ­ North America’s first closed­-system greenhouse, tailored from the ground up for the cultivation of cannabis. Shafin Diamond, a prominent Canadian angel investor, has called Tantalus the “Tesla of cannabis.”

“It’s an advancement for cannabis that Canadians can be proud of,” says Dan Sutton, Managing Director of Tantalus Labs, who points to potential for significant carbon offset and a drop in production costs. “We are building a brighter future for credible and technical cannabis agriculture.”