Tapping into Sharing Economy, Wheel Estate is like Airbnb for RV Adventures

Airbnb is booming globally. The company has single handled inspired myriad entrepreneurs to launch sharing economy startups around the world.

One recent startup adding its name to the mix is Wheel Estate. The Calgary-born company offers a marketplace for users to lend and rent out travel trailers. This helps owners monetize idle RVs and helps non-owners enjoy camping adventures for less.

“Camping season is right around the corner,” says Cherie Ball, a cofounder. “Our platform could help a lot of people by putting some extra money in their pocket or help them to have an affordable family vacation.”

The startup came about in the same way many do. The founder had a problem—in this case, wanting an RV adventure without having to buy an RV—and wondered if the problem extended to others.Turns out it does: There are more than 40 million RV enthusiasts in North America, but only 13 million travel trailers registered worldwide.

The solution, Wheel Estate, enables real-time communication between owner and renter and provides secure payment processing without hassle.  Membership is free, says Ball, and insurance is included.

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