Task Management App Flow Adds Chat to Improve Team Communication

Flow has added a team chat feature to give users a “complete system for organizing their communications.”

The Victoria-based company, whose customers include Tesla and Etsy, says teams can now use Flow to manage projects with purposeful conversations ­­ from high ­level chats to focused discussions.

Flow CEO Andrew Wilkinson believes that working together better is dependent on clear and organized communication, and that teams are happier when communication is visible to everyone and instantly available.

“We’ve found that tools like email don’t work at all for us,” says Wilkinson.”They’re just too slow, and the nature of email leads to important information getting lost.”

Wilkinson says messaging apps are better, but still one-dimensional.

“Messaging apps have led a good charge against email and meetings, but ultimately, all that important communication with your team doesn’t have anywhere to go,” he explains. “Where do your decisions go when things actually need to get done? Is all that chat worthwhile if you can’t capture the right information right when it’s the most relevant?”

With this move, Flow enters the territory of Vancouver-born Slack, the fast-growing startup ever.