TD Rolls Out New Kasisto-Powered AI Chatbot Clari

One of the big five banks is starting 2019 off with a brand new AI integration.

TD has announced the launch of TD Clari, a new chatbot that can only be accessed through the bank’s mobile app. Clari can provide TD users real-time spending insights to aid them with everyday transactions, leveraging a platform called KAI Consumer Banking, created by Kasisto. After partnering with Kasistio back in October 2017, this is TD’s first rollout of a chatbot using the fintech’s KAI platform.

“Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and we believe AI is key to creating exceptional, personalized experiences and adding real value to our customers across our digital properties,” says Rizwan Khalfan, TD’s chief digital and payments officer. “TD’s investment in Conversational AI is part of our strategy to empower customers with deeper insights into their financial decisions as they make everyday purchases or prepare for big life moments.”

With the launch of CLari, TD is investing more resources into mobile experiences in order to connect with the large portion of their customer base that bank on-the-go. Clari can answer quick questions such as “when is my next credit card payment due” or “how much did I spend at _____ last month?” Clari can also answer questions regarding nearest branch locations and exchange rates.

“Clari will learn more with every customer’s conversation. Over time, Clari will continue to evolve and do even more, ultimately helping to better predict needs and prompt customers with deeper insights into their finances,” wrote Zor Gorelov, CEO and co-Founder of Kasisto, in a blog post. “This is just the beginning of putting KAI to work and harnessing its robust analytics and training AI tools.”

The chatbot is available now for TD users.