Tech Companies Dominate Best Workplaces for Millennials

The top 20 best workplaces for Canadian millennials in 2017 was revealed today, and it seems that companies in the fast-growing technology industry are coming out ahead.

Whitby’s 360insights, Montreal-based Autodesk Canada, Waterloo’s Axonify, and FreshBooks and App Centrica, both headquartered in Toronto, are some of the technology companies recognized as the best places for millennials to work in 2017.

Hundred of organizations were surveyed by Great Place to Work Institute Canada before a leaders list was compiled based on direct feedback from millennial workers.

In order to crack the list, more than 30 per cent of each company’s employees must be in the millennial generation, and at least 90 per cent of those respondents must respond positively to the statement: “I am treated fairly regardless of my age.” In addition, the organization must meet a minimum consistency index among the different age demographics.

Millennials are on track to hold 50 per cent of Canadian jobs by 2020, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada. Employers understanding what factors motivate and attract the young generation of workers is crucial to building their teams.


According to Great Place to Work, the best workplaces for Canadian millennials they deliver more frequent, less formal evaluations and may offer training and development programs including job rotations and stretch assignments.


They may recognize the importance of proactive relationship building, courting future employees years in advance. They may also offer initiatives for university students—they’re potential employees—to get a sense of what a true day-on-the-job is like.

Last month, LinkedIn data showed that millennial job switchers were most drawn to the technology and software industry, citing an innovative workplace culture and opportunities for development as the biggest draws.