Techcouver – The Web 2.0 Map of Vancity

We launched the site (and promotional 6″ x 9″ maps) last week just in time for Saturday’s BarCampVancouver2007 and the feedback was positive all around. 

Inspired by Montreal Tech Watch’s Map of the Web, Techcouver will be a series of maps highlighting Vancouver’s technology industry on Translink’s zone map. The theme of the first map is Web 2.0 and we’re included 22 local companies that we’re identified as worthy. 

We know that often start-ups are under the radar, so if you think we’re missed you, be sure to click on the Get On The Map link and let us know.

A huge thanks go out to Darren of Capulet Communications and Christine & Tzaddi of Bluelime Mediafor collaborating on the Techcouver project with Techvibes.