Telecom giant Budweiser releases smartphone app

Budweiser has released a new smartphone app, but a bizarre one, all things considered — it’s called BudPhone, and it’s an app that allows users to make long-distance calls for free to most Canadian cities.

That’s right, an app for long-distance calls. Not a beer app, not an app with women taking off their clothes, not an app about football or chillin’ with your bros or getting totally stoked; it’s an app for long-distance phone calls.

I know: “what?”

But here it is. Using VOIP technology provided by Fibernetics’, the app requires no access numbers or special contacts. It uses the phone’s pre-existing address book, so you just need to dial the number to place a call.

Budweiser says that the point of this app is to help people connect with each other during the holiday season.

“This new app is perfect for Budweiser fans and for the brand,” said Budweiser marketing manager Ben Seaton in a press release. “The cutting edge technology is very relevant for young adults, allowing them to keep in touch on a limited budget, over the holiday season, while they are traveling the world or away at university.”

It’s an unlikely product for Budweiser, but I guess they could do worse. Honestly, when I think of Budweiser making a smartphone app, I imagine them designing one that lets you drunk-dial ex-girlfriends so you can beg them to take you back.

BudPhone is available through Budweiser’s Canadian Facebook community here.