Telus Fund Has $2.5 Million for Digital Content About Health, Wellness

Telus Fund now has financing available for Canadian producers creating innovative health and wellness content. 

The next submission deadline is September 21. Five to 10 successful applicants are expected to receive up to $2.5 million with average funding of $250,000 per project.

The Telus Fund says it is looking for fully developed TV programs that will entertain, engage and enlighten Canadian health choices. Multiple genres and formats are eligible including one offs, series, drama, documentary, comedy, reality, and magazine format. The content must be story-driven and available for audiences to access and interact with via multiple platforms (television, internet and mobile) and devices (TV, phone, tablet and computer).

“These stories will challenge our routines and provide Canadians with valuable insight to improve their well-being,” hopes Telus Fund’s Chair, Nini Baird.

The first round of funding decisions was in 2013. Since then more than 30 projects have been selected to receive $7.5 million in funding.