Terapeak and Alibaba Collaborate to Help Online Retailers Source Products

Toronto’s Terapeak and Alibaba announced today that the companies will assist online retailers to source inventory from suppliers around the world.

Terapeak users will now be able to view, search and filter 30 million trending products on Alibaba. This data integration will provide direct access to both sourcing and sales analytics, helping retailers sell more on eBay, Amazon, and other channels.

When customers login to Terapeak, they will see a new button to “Source My Inventory.”

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By combining supplier product and price information with Terapeak’s other market research features, retailers can now answer questions such as: “How much can I sell this for?” and “How many of these can I sell in a month?”

“This partnership with Terapeak enables our shared customers, who source inventory on Alibaba.com, to gain more data-driven insights to better inform their sourcing needs and business decisions,” said Michael Lee, International Business Development and Marketing Director for Alibaba.

Terapeak is a supplier of marketplace analytics that helps eBay and Amazon businesses evaluate supply and demand opportunities and optimize sales.