Tesla to Open Orders for Solar Roof Tiles, Elon Musk Says

Last year, Elon Musk announced that Tesla was developing potentially game-changing solar roof tiles.

Today, Musk tweeted that Tesla will open orders for the first time.

Orders will be open worldwide, but delivery and installation will be restricted to the US for 2017. Next year, delivery and installation will open up in other key markets, such as the UK and Australia, according to Musk.

For now, only the black glass smooth tiles and textured glass tiles will be available. Musk says additional designs and colors will become available next year.

Musk is confident Tesla can deliver a product the cost of a regular roof—even before energy savings are factored in. Tesla’s solar roof tiles weigh a fraction of current roof solutions, he says; Musk believes that streamlined logistics and a cleaned up supply chain could dramatically reduce the cost of manufacturing and shipping roofing solutions.