Thalmic Labs Raises $120 Million for Myo Armband

Waterloo’s Thalmic Labs just announced a new $120 million USD in series B investments from Intel Capital, The Amazon Alexa Fund and Fidelity Investments Canada. Thalmic’s ‘Myo’ is a connected band which senses the users electrical impulses and translates them into a computing platform. Since it’s release in 2012, their developer community has created sign language translation tools, virtual reality experiences and most notably to train amputees how to use their prosthetic limbs.

“We’ve been reimagining human-computer interaction since we first created the Myo armband in 2012 and are proud of what the team at Thalmic has accomplished to date,” stated Thalmic Co-Founders Aaron Grant, Matthew Bailey, and Stephen Lake in a letter this morning, “With Myo, we built an entirely new type of sensor from the ground up, made breakthrough advances in gesture recognition, and ultimately turned science fiction into reality for tens of thousands of customers in over 150 countries.”

With this staggering round of funding Thalmic has big plans, though no concrete announcements have been made.

“Myo was just the beginning. We have new products in the pipeline and are excited to share more soon.”