The 2018 Startup 50 Features Canada’s Brightest New Growth Companies

With the flurry of recent success within Canada’s startup ecosystem, it can be tough to keep track of all the companies doing great work and experiencing massive growth.

The Startup 50 list is designed to reward and recognize those high-growth companies. The list, compiled by Canadian Business, is a yearly event that shows off some of the most innovative and successful upstarts in the country. Businesses are ranked by their two-year revenue growth, and in order to be eligible, they must have been founded and generating revenue between July 1, 2012, and early 2015. Companies voluntarily applied to the list and were then independently verified.

Below are the top 10 companies on the Startup 50, along with their two-year revenue growth (as a percentage in italics) and the city they are based in.

Startup Top 10

  1. Fleet Optics, 6,468, Mississauga.
  2. Tangent Animation, 5,222, Winnipeg.
  3. Mill Street & Co., 3,280, Thornhill.
  4. Endy, 2,956, Toronto.
  5. Tina Davies Professional, 2,241, Toronto.
  6. CHICC (Canadian Home Improvement Credit Corp.), 2,106, Mississauga.
  7. Kontrol Energy, 2,028, Vaughan.
  8. MissFresh, 1,992, Montreal.
  9. Jacked Factory, 1,940, St. John’s
  10. ForeverSpin, 1,419, Toronto.

The Greater Toronto Area features heavily in the top 10, with seven businesses hailing from around Canada’s largest city. Four retail companies sit in the top 10 as well. Endy sits as number four on the list and the first in the retail category, a testament to their e-commerce success.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as one of Canada’s top growth companies,” said Mike Gettis, CEO of Endy. “From the start, we have made it our mission to help Canadians get a better night’s sleep. Three years later, we are proud to be Canada’s best-selling mattress brand, and the fastest growing retail company in Canada, responsible for millions of happy sleeps from coast-to-coast.”

In last year’s Startup 50, Strawhouse topped the list, followed by Article (who ended up on top of the Growth 500 this year) and ForeverSpin, who fell to tenth place this year.

Other tech and e-commerce companies that managed to land in the top 50 include HonkMobile at 11, Inkbox at 17, Carrot Rewards at 19, HiMama at 28 and TrackTik at 36.

“We’re very proud to be recognized in the top 20 by this prestigious program,” said Andreas Souvaliotis, founder and CEO of Carrot Rewards. “We’ve only just begun. There is so much more impact and so much more positive behaviour change to deliver for millions of Canadians in the months and years to come.”