The Big Three and their subsidiaries own 89% of Canada’s wireless market share

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) had a Technology Showcase in Ottawa yesterday.

The showcase revealed the continued domination of the “Big Three” telco operators in Canada and the lack of penetration from startup discount carriers Wind Mobile, Public Mobile, and Mobilicity.

Rogers claimed 27% of Canada’s wireless marketshare, with its subsidiary Fido taking 4% of the prize. Bell and Telus each own 25%, with their subsidiaries Virgin and Koodo claiming 4% apiece. Combined, The Big Three take home 89% of Canada’s marketshare, leaving the startups to be dismissed in the “other” category.

Other stats revealed include ownership of individual handsets. There are 763,000 active 16GB iPhone 4s and 420,000 BlackBery Bolds. Four of Canada’s 10 most popular handsets are iPhones. The iPhone is the most popular handset in every age group.

RIM’s marketshare fell once again, this time from 42% down to 38%. Apple held its ground, remaining at 31%. Android’s marketshare rose slightly.