The brainchild behind #140conf – Jeff Pulver visits Toronto

This month, those who attended the regular Tweetup at The Gladstone (run under the @tweetgasmto banner) were in for a rare treat. Whether you’ve ever been to a 140 characters conference (better known as #140conf) event in the past, hearing Jeff Pulver, who is touted as one of the ‘internet’s smartest guys’ speak, is a must for anyone remotely interested in the ways in which social media has effectively changed our world. 

#140conf was created with the intent to act as forum to bridge the gap between the offline and the online while commiting to providing a platform for meaningful experiences to occur. Pulver passionately believes in this social revolution as a means to power of communication to transend borders, differences and backgrounds and understands this to be his key takeaway when talking about the global internet community that’s growing and expanding by the minute.

With the omnipresence of the social web, Pulver belives that companies whom do not invest in a “Chief Listening Officer,” are doing it wrong. According to Pulver, the CLO needs to live in tandem with the CMO – this role is equally as important. It’s no surprise then, that Pulver believes without question that this new social web is redifining the way we interact with, and view communication channels.

Given the philosophy behind #140conf and Pulver’s own commitment to ensuring authenticity reigns in all his discourse, he understands a tool like Twitter to be important in the immortalization of our legacies. Sound far-fetched? Not at all. If we think about our legacies in terms of leaving behind work, ideas and content we’re proud of, Pulver examines this innate human desire, with a belief that our “tweets matter,” and that our life online lives well beyond our own mortality. With this, Pulver began and continues to promote the “Day of Giving,” which is a day to “give back a little bit of everything we get, because the weight of doing good is carried with us everywhere.”

Interested in being a part of the Day of Giving? You can help out here and follow Pulver’s lead in using the social web as a platform to empower yourself and others.